Drones Look Like UFOS

UFO sightings have been on the rise for years now, but in the most recent years since dawn of the DRONE, and the invention of the camera phone those sightings have exponentially increased. The problem now is too much evidence. What's real and authentic and what's fake?     continue reading button Save Save

ISIS Publicly Decapitating American Journalists

ISIS OR (ISIL) FORMERLY KNOWN AS “AL QAEDA “(AQI), has been the growing Islamic faction that promotes terror and brutality in order to achieve support for their nefarious religious beliefs. continue reading button

Is This The End Of Net Neutrality ?

Net Neutrality, was a concept developed to keep the internet flowing at a steady constant, without discrimination of any kind based on gender , race, country or any other forms of segregation or identification that would alter service or price instead of keeping it all equal. continue reading button